Tea, Wine and Poetry 詩酒茶情

In the 95th year of the Republic (2006), I curated the exhibition “Tea, Wine and Poetry, Qing Dynasty Literati and their Drinking Vessels” at University Museum and Art Gallery, the University of Hong Kong. The exhibition then travelled to China Institute in New York the following year. Many collectors from all parts of the world generously loaned the treasures in their collections, and the lives and works of the Ch’ing dynasty tea ware masters became better known. Those who appreciated this field applauded this exhibition as unprecedented. My departed friend Mr. Kuo Jo-yü (郭若愚先生) not only shared the gems in his collection, he also wrote essays and descriptions, proof read some of the contents, and authenticated many of the pieces. Unfortunately the collection amassed in his life time was dispersed within a few years of his death, many treasures from the remaining collectors have also been scattered and changed hands. I sighed that change and uncertainty in human affairs are constant, how hard it is to gather and keep! Those pieces seen in the past, their traces are now unidentifiable, for those in my collection, is it truly possible to keep for generations? So I hereby gather and present the visuals of the treasured pieces from those collectors, and resume the name: Tea, Wine and Poetry : Drinking Vessels of the Literati for this room, ample to recall an artistic gathering once upon a time.

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