The Studio of Prunus Ode was a study in my ancestral house in Wuch’eng, Chekiang province. My grandfather Ho-sun chose this name, it was derived from the essay Ode to the Prunus our distant ancestor Soong Kuang-p’ing wrote in the T’ang dynasty. Turmoils in the world have yet to cease, and the old house has long turned to ashes. So I now live by the sea far away, and named my humble abode The Studio of Prunus Ode, to store old paper and writings, antique wares and relics. For the mind to wander inside this Studio, one can still see the splendours of the hills and rivers, the magnificence of the city walls, virtuous men and loyal men, learned scholars and unworldly recluses, sublime writings of poetry, calligraphy, painting and other myriad forms of art. China in the heart, is difficult to find in the world, so I contemplate inviting a wide circle of kindred spirits, to visit the virtual creation of the Studio of Prunus Ode, as a scenic destination for the mind to wander. The contents are displayed in virtual rooms of different classifications, and each virtual room has its own designated name, hoping such a virtual Studio can be more adapt for staying and perusing. If one does catch a glimpse of China in the heart here, do not disremember to be the first among many in her persuit.

Soong Shu Kong