Eminent Chinese and Artifacts of the Ch’ing Dynasty 前清

Harking back to the 101st year of the Republic (2012), I curated the exhibition “Mountains Ablaze - Foreign Devils and Chinese Patriots, 1839-1911” at University Museum and Art Gallery, the University of Hong Kong, presenting approximately one hundred and eighty exhibits. A number of friends wrote prefaces for the catalogue, generous with approvals and encouragements, bolstering the popularity and esteem of the exhibition. Ten years have quickly gone by, the use of the internet to deliver information is now common the world over, irrelevant of distance nor boundary. When I think of those from many nationalities who favour Chinese culture, frequently living in various quarters of the five continents, I regret that the internet has not been fully exploited, to mutually connect for conversations and discussions. Artworks I have gathered are evidently modest and trivial, but they are held with a singular and deep affection. Speculating that this world is boundless, that kindred spirits can be encountered, I will therefore regularly proffer visuals from my own collection and from those I have seen, hoping they will not be blamed for being unsightly and vulgar. I am also presenting those writings in the past from my friends, for the pleasure of reading, my own writing from that time is only an expression of past puerility.


Writing and Film

Past Exhibition